About Us

The Chelmsford Housing Authority is dedicated to meeting the needs of the elderly, disabled and families in need of affordable housing. Supportive services tailored to the needs of each group are considered of the utmost importance. Families will be offered support to continuously improve themselves, achieve self-sufficiency and eventually towards homeownership. The disabled will be directed to the appropriate local services in order to meet their individual needs.

The elderly will be offered supportive services in order to maintain their highest level of independence in a community environment and age in place. Each individual that comes in contact with the Chelmsford Housing Authority will be treated with respect, dignity and understanding.

The Chelmsford Housing Authority recognizes the importance of a compassionate and dedicated staff to meeting the needs of diverse populations. Together with the support of the Board of Commissioners, employees, residents and community members, the Chelmsford Housing Authority will strive to assist everyone in securing affordable housing and an environment in which they can continue to be valuable members of the community.