Housing for the Disabled

MA State-Funded Housing for the Disabled

Chelmsford Housing Authority has designated 13.5% of its state-funded apartments as housing for the disabled, and a portion of these units are handicapped/wheelchair accessible. For more information on the developments please see Housing Developments

To be eligible for disabled housing applicants must have a verifiable disability of long and continued duration.
All applicants are subject to an income limit which is a gross income of less than 80% of the median income for the area. Currently the income limits are:

One person: $47,600
Two people: $54,400

To apply for state-funded disabled housing please complete and submit an application form. The application can be downloaded here, or can be obtained from our offices at 10 Wilson Street, Chelmsford.
Standard Public Housing Application

On receipt of the application, each applicant will be assessed and qualified. Qualified applicants will be entered onto the waiting list and will be selected by date of application with a preference given to local Chelmsford residents and veterans.

Those applicants deemed to be ineligible will be notified by mail and will have a right of appeal.

American Training Section 8
Chelmsford Housing Authority administers 50 Section 8 Mainstream vouchers for the disabled through a contract with American Training, Inc.
This waiting list is currently closed.

Reasonable Accomodation
The Chelmsford Housing Authority does not discriminate against applicants on the basis of mental or physical disabilities. In addition, the Chelmsford Housing Authority has an obligation to provide “reasonable accommodation” on account of a disability if an applicant or a household member is limited by the disability and for this reason needs such an accommodation.

For more information and a request form for reasonable accomodation please click on the link below.

Information on Reasonable Accomodation