Eligibility and Applications

Applicants for Section 8 must be at, or below, a certain income. The income limits are set by HUD and are reviewed annually. For our local area, effective April 14th, 2017, they are set as follows:

Family Size Income Limit
1 $ 33,750
2 $ 38,550
3 $ 43,350
4 $ 48,150
5 $ 52,050
6 $ 55,900
7 $ 59,750
Applicants must also be of eligible citizenship status – either U.S. citizens, U.S. nationals, or have eligible citizenship status.

Applications for Section 8 Tenant-Based vouchers
Most of the Section 8 vouchers The Chelmsford Housing Authority administers are “Tenant-based” vouchers. Our waiting list for one of these vouchers  is Massachusetts Section 8 Centralized Waiting List. This is a waiting list used by over 70 housing authorities in Massachusetts, and administered by the Massachusetts chapter of NAHRO.

For more information about applying for Section 8, and to download a Centralized Waiting List application, visit the website at: http://section8listmass.org

Applications for Affordable Apartments in certain developments
We also maintain a waiting list for the affordable apartments in both The Kensington Apartments and The Commons at Drum Hill. These affordable units are income restricted as applicant’s income must be under 50% of median income. Preference is given to local Chelmsford residents.
Section 8 voucher holders may also apply for one of these units.

The Kensington at Chelmsford is on Littleton Road in Chelmsford and was built in 2001. There are 29 affordable units – 13 one-bedroom and 16 two-bedroom.

The Commons at Drum Hill  is on Technology Drive in North Chelmsford and was built in 2007. They are 22 affordable units – 8 one-bedroom and 14 two-bedroom.

Application for an Affordable Unit