CHOICE Center, 19 Sheila Avenue, N. Chelmsford

The (CHOICE) Center is an affordable rental housing development for elders aged 62 years or older.   The Choice Center is managed by the Choice Housing Opportunities for Intergenerational and Community Endeavors, Inc., a non-profit organization of the Chelmsford Housing Authority.  This new development consists of 37 units:  32 one-bedroom units and five two-bedroom units.

The two-bedroom units recognize the changing definition of senior housing.  This definition includes:  elderly parents caring for a disabled adult child; two elderly siblings living together to support each other; a senior person caring for his or her elderly parent; an elderly couple, one of whom would otherwise have to be placed in a long-term care facility causing a severe economic hardship; a resident requiring a live-in medical aide.

The CHOICE Center is located on an existing campus that has both state and federal housing programs as well as within close proximity to the Chelmsford Senior Center.   The available services on this campus include 24-hour on-call emergency care, vendor-contracted homemaking services, an on-site service coordinator, a brown bag food program, free prescription delivery service, a foot care clinic and a full service beauty salon.

The affordable rental units are classified in two categories:

1.   Subsidized (rental assistance):   Tenant rent is subsidized through a federal subsidy program where residents only pay 30% of their income towards the contract rent.  Residents will only pay for their phone, internet and cable television.

2.   Unsubsidized (unassisted):  Tenants pay the full contract rent.  Currently, the contract rent is $ 994 for one bedroom unit and $1,194 for a two bedroom unit.   Residents will only pay for their phone, internet and cable television.  Section 8 voucher holders are welcome.

Applicant Requirements:

  • The head of household must 62 years of age or older.
  • The entire household’s income must be below the maximum allowable.
  • The household must be of the appropriate size.

Income Requirements:

Applicants must meet the following income requirements for both subsidized and subsidized units:

  • Maximum Allowable Income Requirements for a Subsidized Unit (rental assistance):

One person:        $33,750             Two person:       $38,550

Three person:    $43,350             Four person:       $48,150


  • Maximum Allowable Income Requirements for an Unsubsidized Unit (no rental assistance):

One person:        $40,500            Two person:       $46,260            

Three person:    $52,020            Four person:       $57,780



To apply for the CHOICE Center please complete and submit an application form.  Please call (978) 256-7425 x 27 to obtain an application or on the link below to download.

CHOICE Application Subsidized           CHOICE Application Unsubsidized