Congregate Housing

The Transitional Congregate Housing Program was created to prevent those individuals residing both in the community and in housing from prematurely entering Long Term Care Facilities and also to provide opportunities for those individuals residing in a Long Term Care Setting to return to the community with enhanced supports.

The Chelmsford Housing Authority has committed to assisting the Transitional Congregate resident to move from this setting to an apartment within its system when the resident is able to live independently.

When the Chelmsford Housing Authority and the Resident Service Coordinator assess individuals for this program they must consider that the ultimate goal of the program is to return the individual to an independent living situation within a finite amount of time.

Currently the time commitment is one year. Within that time frame all parties work together to create a plan that will return the resident to independence.
The success of this program consists on 4 key factors: The resident, the coordinator and the Housing Authority and the Service Provider.

Services Include:

Homemaking and Personal Care Services
Emergency Response Services
Adult Day Health
Certified Services

In the Transitional Congregate setting, the Resident Service Coordinator works with the Chelmsford Housing Authority to:

  1. Manage the units
  2. Act as conduit with the housing and other involved staff.
  3. Work with the resident and their formal and informal supports to complete and provide all required client documentation to the Chelmsford Housing Authority.
  4. Assist residents with arranging services such as telephone and cable.
  5. Assist residents with a smooth transition back to independent living with supportive services at the Chelmsford Housing Authority.

For more information on Transitional Congregate housing please contact:

Loriann Gatta, Supportive Services Manager 
Phone: 978-256-7425 ext 90


Connie Donahue, Deputy Director, Chelmsford Housing Authority
Phone: 978-256-7425 ext 16

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