Shirley Meadows
27 Hospital Road
Shirley, MA 01464

Shirley Meadows, located at the former Fort Devens Army Base, is designed to be a truly independent senior living community. Housing units will be spacious and of high quality, and will include both one- and two-bedroom apartments to accommodate the individual needs of senior households. Each of the 58 apartments will have a full bathroom and kitchen with rooms and hallways designed to support the needs of those with disabilities and will be easily converted to full ADA/MAAB accessibility standards if and when that is needed for the tenants. Particular attention will be paid to accessibility and flexible spaces that allow residents with mobility impairments to remain independent and self-sufficient within their homes.

Shirley Meadows will feature comfortable and attractive community spaces that will be used for social programming to nurture a community of residents. Some of these spaces, particularly on the first floor, will be reserved for programming developed and delivered by our management and service partners. Dedicated service space will be included for offices for service staff, property management, flexible program space, community meetings and on-site medical visits. In addition to formal on-site services, the building will be designed to create multiple spaces on each floor that encourage informal gathering and social connection.

Shirley Meadows’ staff will also work closely with all residents to maximize their physical and emotional health needs by connecting them with community-based resources that address their individual requirements.  This will involve connecting residents with transportation, health care providers, social activities and community engagement opportunities that will maximize the quality and length of their lives.

For more information regarding rents and eligibility requirements, please click on the Application below.

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