Just a few short days ago, I made a plea on social media, asking if anyone would be in a position to help us achieve a goal of collecting 300 facemasks for our seniors and disabled residents.

The first response came from the daughter of a former resident of Delaney Terrace, who sadly passed away earlier this year. Lynne’s Dad made many friends at the Chelmsford Senior center, where eating lunch at “Table 13” was the highlight of his day. His golden years were filled with activities and people to associate with, keeping him active, safe and engaged in the community with Lynne living nearby the entire time.

As a gesture of gratitude to the Housing Authority, whose staff was always friendly, helpful and who knew her Dad by his first name, Lynne was quick to respond or in her words to “pay it forward.” Before we knew it, Lynne’s 12 masks had opened the door for more, more and more donations! As of Tuesday, we have hit our goal and are currently packaging and distributing them just as quickly as we can.

Connie Donahue, Executive Director of CHOICE, Inc., and I are extremely grateful for the entire CHA staff  for the huge part they have played in this project.

Our team and residents would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Lynne and to the following people for the incredible donation of these beautifully handmade masks. Their kindness has brought a sense of security and comfort in this very difficult time.  Thank you for reminding us of how people can come together to make this world a better place.

With gratitude,

David Hedison and Connie Donahue

On behalf of the Chelmsford Housing Authority Team

Shout-outs to: Ann McDonald, Leslie Crepeau, Linda Tanini, Mara Tanini, Michele Dolan, Christine Gerhardt, Barbara Bunn, Chris Hall of 24 Restore and finally to all the members of the Kathy Gilroy Cargill’s “At Home Sewing Army” who dropped off a whopping 150 masks to help us toward our goal. They are: sewers Christine Cossette, Donna Ryder, Joan Murphy, and Rebecca DiStasi; and drivers Amber Cossette, Maura Duah-Asamoah, Claire Cargill, Terri Cronin, Kathleen Hehir and Karen O’Rourke.