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Greener Chelmsford Initiative Seal of Approval

On Friday, January 29th, 2010, the Chelmsford Housing Authority was awarded the Greener Chelmsford Initiative Gold Seal of Approval for making a commitment to engage in green activities.

The Gold Seal of Approval, in short, is described as committing to more than fifteen activities that increases the rate of “the three R’s” – recycling, reusing, and reducing. The Chelmsford Housing Authority’s participation in this program yielded well over the required fifteen activities. A few of these activities range from the installation of energy-saving lights, efficient landscaping techniques, a recycling program for the proper disposal of White Goods, and the installation of water saving Toto Toilets and low-flow fixtures, as well as a long list of “Green Goals” for the CHOICE Center.

GCI volunteers will continually work with the Chelmsford Housing Authority to offer assistance with future green goals and offer other opportunities and ideas for community outreach.


            from left: Badhri Uppiliappan , David Hedison, Clare Jeannotte, Tracy Cunha, Pat Wojtas

For more information click on this link:    Greener Chelmsford Initiative