Supportive Services

Supportive Services
In order to address the unique needs of its residents, CHOICE and the Chelmsford Housing Authority offers services individualized to each resident’s needs. The Chelmsford Housing Authority will provide a framework for organizing individualized service plans and ongoing support to implement, adjust and augment said plans as necessary.

Create Individualized Resident Goals consistent with following:

  • Maintain residency at the Chelmsford Housing Authority to maximize independence and allow each resident to age in place.
  • Accept services from the assigned provider. Services are designed and arranged based on resident’s individual need.
  • Adhere to medical and or psychosocial treatment plans and address ongoing and emerging health conditions.
  • Access any and all prevention and treatment modalities available through the Chelmsford Housing Authority that will assist each resident in remaining independent in their home.
  • Build skills in areas of interest.

In House Services provided though coordination:

  • Case management collaboratively through the Resident Service Coordinator and Service Provider.
  • Visiting Nurses, home health care and homemaking services.
  • All Care Adult Day Health at the North Chelmsford Campus.
  • Enhanced Congregate Living Program McFarlin Manor and Delaney Terrace.
  • Services of interest as requested by the residents.
  • Holistic Wellness center featuring Yoga and Healing Touch North Village and Chelmsford Arms.
  • Create a sense of community that recognizes and integrates the needs of the residents.
  • Create options for residents that will maximize their quality of life.
  • Solicit opportunities and forge strategic partnerships that will enhance both the physical and psychosocial needs of each resident of the Chelmsford Housing Authority.

Resident Expectations:

  • Remain current with rent payments.
  • Each resident shall familiarize and avail themselves of the services provided at each site.
  • Residents must work with the provider’s, Resident Service Coordinator and CHOICE to help ensure all needs are met.
  • Residents will work with the Resident Council and make suggestions on additions, enhancements and improvements to both new and existing programs.
  • If necessary residents will be given the option of living in the Enhanced/Transitional Congregate Unit as a short term alternative (up to one year) to long term care. During that time an individual service plan will be developed with enhanced services to strengthen the resident and increase their level of independence so that they can return to independent living.

Contact Details:
For more information on these services please contact:

Loriann Gatta, Supportive Services Manager
Phone: 978-251-0590