Family Housing

Chelmsford Housing has a variety of family housing opportunities. The largest of these programs is the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program with over 450 vouchers. Please see Section 8 for more information.

Chapter 705
The family housing 705 program is a state-funded program aiming to provide housing for low-income families. The Chelmsford Housing Authority has 11 three bedroom units under this program scattered throughout Chelmsford. The waiting list for these units is open only for Emergency Housing applications.

We have 18 vouchers through the Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program (MRVP). These vouchers help individuals by offering rental assistance. The state voucher value is a set amount determined by tenant’s adjusted gross income and the household size. The tenant then pays the difference between the voucher value and what the landlord is charging for rent.
Eligibility is determined by adjusted gross tenant income which is set as follows:

1 Person $33,750
2 People $38,550
3 People $43,350
4 People $48,150
5 People $52,050
6 People $55,900

Currently, these vouchers are fully utilized.

The waiting list for a MRVP voucher also is closed. Notification will be made in local newspapers, and on this website, when this waiting list reopens.